Next Generation Fellowship

What is the Men’s Group About?

One of the on-going topics of discussion since the start of the Men’s Group at Brentwood Church in early 2012 is why we exist and what is our purpose. One of the first reasons is that the women already had a group started and we could not be out-done. Other reasons are involved with human relations. Some Men’s group members filled out a survey to answer the questions of what they felt was the purpose and value of coming to a Men’s Group meeting. The two highest responses were:

1. Foster Christian fellowship and a sense of community, and

2. Discuss and share life issues through a Christian Science filter. We support each other in our walk with God.

There is a definite sense of camaraderie and togetherness at meetings. Discussion topics have varied and we even were involved with a formal curriculum for about 6 months (Journey into Discipleship).

Right now topics have been centered on gender issues and some of the following have been on an impromptu agenda of what anyone wants to talk about:

  • The need to not feel judged at church
  • Family relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Sentinel articles (one article entitled, “Man Up to Real Manhood”)
  • Masculinity
  • Femininity
  • Right way to think about sexual relationships
  • Three Stooges
  • Boston bombing
  • High school football players accused of rape
  • Peter Sellers in “The Pink Panther Strikes again”
  • Race relations
  • Progress in overcoming sin
  • Vigilant thinking
  • The fate of Christianity without young people buying in
  • Book reading suggestions

These discussions are private and personal. Because of this, discussions are riveting and enlightening. We all like coming and sharing ideas. We are better for it spiritually and a feeling of a closer tie to each other is won quite naturally.