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When Terris Henderson was looking to get help for some people in need, she knew where to turn: to Ed Hurter of Next Generation Fellowship – Brentwood CS Church. It started with an email: “Hi Mr. Ed, I have a co-worker whose church is in need of the food pantry. I wasn’t sure if your church still had the food pantry for people in need. Have a blessed day.”

The next morning, Ed and two Fellowship partners met at church and boxed up the stock of our entire food pantry into five large boxes. They loaded them into Ed’s car for delivery to Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Saint Louis.

They were met at Mount Bethel by Brother Charles Bateman and Sister Hooper, who led them inside the church and told them how the food would be used. Mount Bethel has a ministry to feed the local community. On the third Saturday of every month, church members prepare a hot meal and invite anyone in need to come in for a meal. They expect between 60 to 80 people at each meal.

The guests are fed spiritually as well, Brother Bateman said, as there is always a “sharing of The Word” during the meal. Each guest is also given a bag of food to take home to help stretch his or her food budget during the coming week. This is all accomplished on a budget of $180 per month, so the Mount Bethel members were extremely grateful for the donation from the Fellowship’s food pantry. The Fellowship is grateful for the opportunity to make the connection with this church and its unselfed mission.

Now that the shelves of the Fellowship Food Pantry are empty, and the blessings have poured out, it is time to stock up again! Please bring in cans and boxes of non-perishable food to the shelf in the Crib Room (just inside the Children’s Room) upstairs at church. Your extra canned goods will surely bless folks in our own Fellowship family, or in the greater St. Louis community.

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