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Marriage: What Constitutes a Good Relationship?

This week, we’ll explore the topic “Marriage: What Constitutes a Good Relationship?” .through readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, songs, prayer, questions, discussion, and the sharing of personal experiences.

With the recent Supreme Court decisions, marriage has been in the news lately. A quote from a recent Christian Science Monitor article says: “The court left it to the states to continue in their traditional role of defining lawful marriage – even if Congress cannot – just as churches and other religious institutions have the freedom to decide the spiritual and moral contours of marriage.” [Some people might prefer the word “guide” rather than “decide.”]

Questions to consider:

  • What does marriage mean to you?
  • What are the qualities of a good/bad marriage/relationship?
  • When is it time to renew a marriage vow/relationship?
  • How has church/religion or prayer helped shape your relationships?

If you can’t make it to Prayer and Share, please post your ideas on the Next Generation Fellowship Facebook page and/or email me your ideas to share.  Thoughts and testimony related to other topics are always welcome as well.

We hope to see you Wednesday night at 7:30 in the Sunday School.  Friends and family are welcome!

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  1. susan says:

    What a great topic. Hoping this will catch on and more dialogues will grow. It is a confusing time to have relationships. Marriage is a contract. Contracts, commitments and restrictions seem less popular in our contemporary world. Woman in our culture no longer need to get married to have some one take care of them. So the contract is founded on different principles. I heard a NPR show suggesting that since people live so long now and life changed so fast, it was impossible to form a contract you would be held to for your entire life. They were suggesting short term specific contracts like a 21 year marriage contract to raise a child. As a single person, marriage is something I have thought a lot about. Ultimately it is up to the individuals involved to decide what is right for them. How ever there are timeless principles that govern our affairs and I think Christian Science strives to help us understand those Divine Principles and how they apply to our contemporary lives. Love is the foundation built on trust, genuine affection and commitment to build a relationship on. It takes two people going in the same direction with similar values. It isn’t just the next step in a relationship. Being single has given me the opportunity to really search my own thinking and beliefs about marriage and relationships and ultimately what is right for me. So the man I am dating had to wait 2 months to kiss me. And he did. As women we need to be empowered to establish what feels right for us regardless of societies standards. I made my feelings clear and his willingness to respect them was clear. Once he understood the ground rules it wasn’t even an issue. We can’t enter into a committed loving relationship without being true to ourselves first. Mrs Eddys emphasizes the need for self knowledge. We can’t build on false foundations of self interest or self gratification. Thanks for the opportunity to participate from a far. Love all you are doing.

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