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Oct 23rd – Thinking about Food

We’re coming up on that part of the year where there is lots of focus on food.  From the CROP Walk last week which highlighted those in need, to the over indulgence of sweets at Halloween and the traditional family cooking at Thanksgiving and Christmas, food will be on everyone’s agenda for the next two months! 

Science and Health includes two stories of food extremes – that of Mary Baker Eddy when she was younger and that of Kaspar Hauser, the mysterious boy who was raised in a dungeon.  They both ate only bread and water, one looking for health and the other never having known anything but. 

 Questions to consider:

·         How much power do you think food has in your life?

·         Have you had to do as the Bible recommends and take no thought for what you eat or drink, and to eat what is set before you without complaining?

·         How grateful are we for the good already received?  Or do we expect to be able to have each meal prepared exactly the way we like it?

·         What are some suggestions to help all on our planet have needed food without gluttony or starvation?

·         How do you pray for such extremes as we seem to have in the developed world compared to the third world countries?

·         What are your “daily bread” prayers for you and your family?

If you can’t make it to Prayer and Share, please post your ideas on the Next Generation Fellowship Facebook page and/or email me your ideas to share. Thoughts and testimony related to other topics are always welcome as well.

We hope to see you Wednesday night at 7:30 in the Sunday School.  Friends and family are welcome!

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