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Sept 18 – Daily Contemplation

This week, we’ll explore the topic of “Daily Contemplation” through readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, songs, prayer, questions, discussion, and the sharing of personal experiences. Hymn 329 includes the lines, “In daily contemplation of Thee, I take delight; O, let my meditation lay hold of Thee aright.” And, in Pulpit and Press, it says, “From 1866-’69 Mrs. Eddy withdrew from the world to meditate, to pray, to search the Scriptures” (34:24-25).

Questions to consider:

·        What is meditation?

·        Why is regular contemplation important?

·        How does one develop an effective meditative or contemplative practice?

·        How has this type of prayer blessed you?

If you can’t make it to Prayer and Share, please post your ideas on the Next Generation Fellowship Facebook page and/or email me your ideas to share.  Thoughts and testimony related to other topics are always welcome as well.

We hope to see you Wednesday night at 7:30 in the Sunday School.  Friends and family are welcome!

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