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The Well Update

Some people want to know more about The Well and we hope these ideas below will help bring a greater understanding. Please remember that the physical space of The Well remains available for use by the Fellowship for both its Christian Science Church and Next Generation Fellowship activities.

The Well of Saint Louis is an interfaith spiritual resource center.

In traditional villages, the well is where the community meets and where its members receive the sustenance of life. The Well of Saint Louis provides access to deeper waters that wash and clean, refresh and renew, and that call each of us individually and in community to come, drink, and draw from our own chosen vessel (faith tradition or perspective) in a spirit free from judgment or hostility and full of the most generous hospitality.

The Well is a networking hub for local faith communities to share with and learn from one another, but most importantly a hub to serve the broadening and deepening spiritual horizons of the people of the Saint Louis region.

As an “honest broker” for those exploring deeper meaning and connectivity, the Well attends first to the needs of the seeker and works to support him or her in finding a path (and if desired a faith community) that is in harmony with that individual’s current spiritual journey.

The Well seeks to provide programs and resources for Saint Louis that further understanding and support for spiritual practices, richer humanity and greater service, and a safe place for the discussion of challenging issues.

Supported by an Advisory Team of leaders from a variety of faith and social service backgrounds, the Well embraces the Saint Louis Interfaith Partnership and is a place for the Compassionate Saint Louis initiative to meet. The Well also engages in advocacy and action on behalf of the disadvantaged and those in need.

In many ways the Well reflects the operative values of The Christian Science Monitor in bringing higher, purer, less self-centered thought and action to the “public square”—the conversation and actualization of how Saint Louis envisions itself as a community of compassion that deeply and effectively cares for all its members. The 2014 launch of the Well looks to the future of Saint Louis as the city celebrates the 250th anniversary of its founding.


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