Next Generation Fellowship

Words of Gratitude

The people at Next Gen Fellowship embraced me with so much love and acceptance that it acted as a catalyst, punching through that horrible mesmerism that was preventing me from feeling loved by God.  (I felt He’d abandoned me and destined me to a lot of pain and suffering. I felt I’d lost my faith and couldn’t trust God.)  I think the love at Next Gen Fellowship is very genuine and universal because I felt so loved and I actually believe it; then last night as I was thinking about this whole week, I REALLY felt loved by God.  I REALLY FELT IT.  Wow!

I think His love was so practically reflected by these dear people that it punched through the wall, it reached me, I could feel it and accept it and then that wall came tumbling down for me and I could accept God’s love.

All I could do last night was sit at my desk and cry and say to myself, “God loves me.  God actually loves me.”  This was the one really effective tool that I’ve really needed.  You’ve just got to have the right tool for the job.  It took a church full of people to get through to me and put that tool in my hand, but now I think I’ve got it.  My immediate natural response was, “I need to give this tool to other people.

I know everyone is yearning to feel REALLY loved by God.”  Then I knew what I felt was genuine because it was universal and it motivated me to reach out better to my fellow man.

Mostly I just keep thinking about that one woman, who, when she had heard my story, just walked over to me, put her arms around me and said, ” I want to hug you.”  And she gave me a really strong, solid embrace and just hung on for awhile.  That love felt so different from a really personally motivated love.  It was pure love with no other motive than pure love.  Wow!  I need to do that for others.