Next Generation Fellowship


Each Sunday, we offer a 10:00 a.m. Sunday School for young people.


To listen to the Holy Spirit in order to nurture our discovery of our innate relationship with God.

The Sunday School provides music led by students, fun and contemporary openings and closings, with classes designed to comprehensively explore Christian Science theology and prayer, deep and practical understanding of the Bible, and appreciation of how both are lived out in community, relationships, and a life of Christian service to others.

The Bridge Group – For Twenty-Somethings

 Every Sunday morning at 10am a small discussion group for twenty-somethings or near twenty-somethings is held (at the moment) in Starbucks right next door to the Brentwood Christian Science church. The discussion group is facilitated by three covenant partners. The discussions are interesting, expanding, thoughtful looks at issues twenty-somethings are dealing with. There is no agenda except to accept, respect and love each other. We strive to maintain a safe place for authentic questions; perhaps, not surprisingly, when this safe place is created we find that there is a deep openness to being spiritually inquisitive and curious.